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Opening shot: Against the Leading Liars

This opening post will suffice as an introduction to the tone and style of this blog. While I generally prefer to go to enemy territory directly, the English-language “Left” spaces are some of the most heavily moderated places online. One will quickly find that the moderators are almost always either faggots and/or Zionists. Just like ‘real’ “Left” organizing on the ground in Amerika, the online sphere always, always defers to faggotry. Just as Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Criticism of faggotry from virtually any angle on the Amerikan “Left” is a one-way ticket to ostracization. Mainstream ‘Right’ acceptance has similar constraints, but with Israel and Zionism taking the place of faggotry.

Open discussion forums can be penetrated rather easily. A combination of Tor and disposable email accounts goes a long way on places like RevLeft. The great thing about RevLeft is that they don’t actually remove content objectionable to the Zionist pedophile Labor Aristocrats that run that site, so the message one is trying to get out is saved in perpetuity. This is in contrast to the Zionist faggots that run /r/communism, who routinely erase any messages they don’t like, making engaging with such a forum less appealing.

A tougher challenge are blogs. Getting a message out over some “Leftist” blog is generally left up to the moderation policies of the individual(s) who control a blog. Being ‘polite’ is sometimes all one needs to get a message out, but this is impossible with some of them. Places like KKKasama generally totally moderate everything before allowing it to get through. For a long time, the Disqus format of The North Star, combined with nearly absent moderators, allowed all sorts of fun possibilities, before its audience and writers dwindled to nothing (though it appears the crypto-Zionist Louis Proyect is trying to relaunch that shithole).

Hence the creation of this blog. This blog gives me a platform to attack people I don’t like, in a way that (hopefully) can’t be subject to censorship. And my first target, is the Leading Liars “Communist” Organization (the so-called “Leading Light”).

My first real encounter with the Leading Liars was over Facebook. Like any good CIA spooks online, they are always completely anonymous. They told me enough to figure out their operations are primarily focused in Denver Colorado, and they even tried to get me to come visit them there, offering to pay my travel expenses. I declined at the time, though perhaps it would have been good to see the CIA’s Denver operations up close. I got them to send me some of their material instead, which, as expected, was of far higher quality (printing wise) than I had ever seen from any traditional “Left” organization in Amerika, except maybe the Wallace Global Fund-ed International Socialist Organization.

I broke off any serious engagement with this organization after discovering their support for the rantings of the White Nationalist B.R. Myers. Anyone who has spent any serious amount of time within the tiny-world that is the “Left” fringes of the Amerikan Labor Aristocracy knows that the DPRK is universally hated. The rhetoric of the parasitic White Nation masses, it’s “Left” Labor Bureaucrat leaders, and it’s Kike-loving ‘Right’ wing is all virtually identical. So naturally this sent off red-flares in my mind, and I understood the Leading Liars were no different than the rest of the White Nation “Left.”

The Leading Liars love B.R. Myers, and the next time I was confronted with this book was from a young female Kike while working in a First-World student “mass” group (a waste of time if there ever was one). So I downloaded it and read it, and it became evident to me B.R. Myers was a very conscious White Nationalist. The book is aimed at “Left” audiences, and the whole premise of the book is founded on the inability of your typical Amerikan “Leftist” to understand the difference between a “race” and a Nation. That is because the ideology of the White Nation sees no such distinction. So Myers, either knowingly or just taking for granted standard White Nation ideology (my bet is on knowingly), blurs the distinction at every possible opportunity, so the nationalism of an Oppressed Nation is read by the “Left” reader as being akin to the ideas prevalent in the minds of the masses of the White Nation. The Race-Nation worldview of the White Nation and its corresponding national self-identity is force-fitted onto the DPRK, a trick that is only possible because the Left-wing of the White Nation uncritically accepts most of the same premises of the masses of the White Nation, minus the extremes of anti-black prejudice.

Beyond this, most of the rest of the book consists of dubious anecdotes, which may be real or completely fictitious (and anyone who has seriously investigated the lies spewing from Occupied Korea knows the puppets in the South make up the most outrageous lies constantly). One that caught the attention of the Leading Liars was an anecdote about a Northern general and not allowing “one drop of ink” into Korea via miscegenation. This is considered ‘evidence’ for a general racialized worldview alleged to be typical throughout Korea and actively promoted by the Workers’ Party of Korea. But the Leading Liars and B.R. Myers are trying to pull a fast one here. Amerikan race-ideology sees Koreans, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, etc, as all being part of the same “race.” The masses of the White Nation only see one undifferentiated mass of Gooks. The race-ideology that the Leading Liars and B.R. Myers are trying to pin on Korea, even if all their claims are taken at face-value, make no sense here. People who think in racial terms don’t propagandise their fellow race-brothers the way the Leading Liars and B.R. Myers admit both North and South Korea do. If anything, anti-Japanese sentiment is even more pronounced in Occupied Korea, being exploited to great affect by Unified Progressive Party leader Lee Jung-hee during the recent presidential debates in Occupied Korea, where she pointed out Park’s father had the Japanese name of Takaki Masao.

So the more idiotic Oppressor Nation “Left” readers of B.R. Myers, including the Denver-based Leading Liars, will see “racism” here, even though the race-ideology of the White Nation masses isn’t the least bit compatible with such sentiments. The Amerikan race-ideology sees the Koreans and Japanese as being indistinguishable Gooks. The masses of Korea and the Workers’ Party of Korea, if they held to such racialist notions, would see the Japanese as their fellow Yellow Brothers in Arms. This is, after all, how the majority of the White Nation masses see Israel. The Israelis are their fellow White Blood Brothers up against a darky Arabic horde. The White Nation looks at the history of the second World War and condemns Hitler because he dared to kill their fellow White Brothers, not because the Nazis said racist things. The first World War is viewed as a tragedy for the same reasons: look at all the dead Europeans (i.e., fellow White Brothers). The Left-wing of the White Nation has a similar extreme rejection of any dividing up of Whiteness. In my prior First-World student activist work, right around the time the little Kike-girl was using B.R. Myers’ shit to attack the DPRK, a random student came up to me at a table where a conversation was going on about the socially-constructed nature of Whiteness. This student couldn’t contain himself, and had to interject with the oh-so-genius idea that “White is white!” Do the Leading Liars imagine the Korean masses going around screaming “Yellow is yellow!” in some racialist parallel to the thinking of the White Nation masses? Of course not. The Leading Liars, B.R. Myers, the entirety of the bourgeois media, the political police of the Labor Aristocracy, and the Mainstream ‘Right’ all are completely unified in their hatred of the DPRK, and they want to make sure no one looks to their example for any reason at all. The work of B.R. Myers is meant as a “Left” thought-policing for the White Nation, as the Mainstream ‘Right’ will just tell their followers “Gook gook gook” and be done with it.

The Denver-based Leading Liars have returned to the issue of the DPRK a few times since then, most recently with regards to the Zionist Hollywood faggot film “The Interview.” While I knew some of the details of the film, it wasn’t until I read this review that I became aware that this Zionist Hollywood hit-job tries to depict Kim Jong-un as a faggot. This fact, if anything, shows Hollywood knows what it is doing. Hollywood often tries to send a dual message in its films, one for your typical member of the White Nation who won’t think too deeply about the film, another for the ‘intellectually’ inclined White Nation elite. For instance, the anti-Iranian film Argo opens with brief explanations of the nature of the conflict. This is to fool any moronic “Left” movie critic that the film is not explicitly propaganda aimed at riling up the masses of the White Nation for war against Iran on behalf of their White Blood Brothers in Israel. Here the message to the masses of the White Nation is that the DPRK is ruled by faggots, and by extension, communists are always faggots (despite Marx and Engels being explicitly anti-faggot and equating faggotry with pedophilia).

It should be obvious to anyone who has seen the “Commander” of the Leading Liars in that horrid video they recently produced, that the “Commander” is indeed a faggot, a faggot with all the same tendencies as the rest of the parasitic social-fascist “Left” in the White Nation. Despite the line of the Leading Liars on First-World gender activism, they are not actually opposed to the lines spewed by White Nation faggot-worshipping social-fascists. The Leading Liars, for instance, have no qualms highlighting alleged anti-faggot stories about the DPRK in their glowing review of B.R. Myers’ propaganda piece. While the Leading Liars claim to oppose social-fascist faggot-worship in the First-World, they have no problem echoing First-World parasites who want to attack foreign governments on the basis of their line on the imperialist-created faggot identity. It’s only a hop, skip and a jump for the Leading Liars to attack the Workers’ Party of Korea for not replicating the faggot-worship of the social-fascist parasite White Nation “Left,” to attacking the ZANU-PF or Hezbollah for not kow-towing to Western created pervert identities.

While the Leading Liars are actually writing for a “Left” audience for the White Nation, like other White Nation “Left” groups, they love to parade around any recruits from other nations they can find. The stuff their Bangladeshi recruit writes is much more interesting than anything “Commander PF” writes (“PF” obviously standing for Patriotic Faggot). And it shows that, for any actual revolutionary anywhere in the world, the National Question is absolutely vital to understand, and the ruling class surrounds themselves with sexual-perverts as sort of a shield between them and their Labor Aristocracy servants.

The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” of the Leading Liars has spilled considerable amounts of virtual ink trying to tarnish the National Question as it relates to revolution. It is a common theme running throughout this faggot’s writings. The “Commander,” writing under another pseudonym in the comments, tries to connect the DPRK to “White Power” cults. The point, again, is to play on the stupidity of your typical White Nation “Leftist,” who can not distinguish between race and nation, and who has never heard of the Labor Aristocracy in their entire “radical” careers. It is meant to scare the White Nation “Leftist,” to instil the idea that support of the DPRK is akin to support of typical ‘Rightists’ in the White Nation.

You’re not supposed to ask why such people might be reaching out to the most anti-US government sources they can think of. Like Amerikan Holocaust Deniers attending a conference in Tehran, a connection between the DPRK and “White Power” cults is supposed to scare any right-minded “radical” away from doing something similar.

But let us digress for a moment and recall some important words of Lenin:

The disease is a protracted one; the cure takes longer than the optimists hoped it-would. Opportunism is our principal enemy. Opportunism in the upper ranks of the working-class movement is bourgeois socialism, not proletarian socialism. It has been shown in practice that working-class activists who follow the opportunist trend are better defenders of the bourgeoisie than the bourgeois themselves. Without their leadership of the workers, the bourgeoisie could not remain in power. This has been proved, not only by the history of the Kerensky regime in Russia; it has also been proved by the democratic republic in Germany under its Social-Democratic government, as well as by Albert Thomas’s attitude towards his bourgeois government. It has been proved by similar experience in Britain and the United States. This is where our principal enemy is, an enemy we must overcome. We must leave this Congress firmly resolved to carry on this struggle to the very end, in all parties. That is our main task.

The key point here is the imperialists can not rule without a loyal Labor Aristocracy. The White Nation Labor Aristocracy is actually in charge of imperialism. Groups like the International Socialist Organization perform a rearguard function for the traditional Labor Apparatus, which is why imperialist NGOs give them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Smashing the power of the bourgeoisie in the White Nation is only possible by smashing their Labor Aristocracy. This Labor Aristocracy has no interest in socialism, even if they claim to. They live better than “socialism” could ever give them right now. They are bought off and bribed, and perform the hard work ensuring the system of imperialism continues without a hitch. These people are the main enemy of the people of the entire world, and destroying them is the main task of any Leninist organization.

And they are social-fascist faggot-worshippers that hate the DPRK. Just like the Patriotic Faggot “Commander” of the Denver-based Leading Liars.
Nowhere does Lenin say people who believe race-ideology nonsense are the enemy. Lenin didn’t say our main task was fighting the masses of the White Nation that think in race-ideology terms. Lenin didn’t say it was particularly nasty elements of the Mainstream ‘Right,’ or even fascists or anything else. The main enemy is the Labor Aristocracy and their “Left” ideology. The dumbo-racist ‘whites’ don’t rule Amerika. The Labor Aristocracy does.

In fact, the people that the Patriotic Faggot “Commander” is using to scare the White Nation “Left” off from the DPRK, are the greatest internal security threat to the US government. J. Sakai, author of the most excellent “Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat,” openly acknowledges this reality. To quote from his essay The Shock of Recognition:

Obviously, rightist political views that touch on fascism are held by many white Americans. They’re conditionally loyal to the government (and in the government) only because their level of prosperity and privilege is so high that why should they lift their faces from the trough? But if the u.s. capitalist class left it to a “democratic” vote of its white citizens, known fascists like David Duke would be in the u.s. senate, there would be no W.T.O. but also no Civil Rights Act, and much of America would proudly fly the Confederate flag of the slavemasters. The imperialist State’s largest domestic security priority is not terrorism, the ghetto or the border as they pretend, but restraining and defusing white settler rebellion to the right.
The truth here is startling and it isn’t in the least bit vague. The new fascism is, in effect, “anti-imperialist” right now. It is opposed to the big imperialist bourgeoisie (unlike Mussolini and Hitler earlier, who wanted even stronger, bigger Western imperialism), to the transnational corporations and banks, and their world-spanning “multicultural” bourgeois culture. Fascism really wants to bring down the World Bank, WTO and NATO, and even America the Superpower. As in destroy. That is, it is anti-bourgeois but not anti-capitalist. Because it is based on fundamentally pro-capitalist classes.

The question anyone who seriously wanted to destroy imperialism should be asking is “Why is the most serious domestic security threat to the US government reaching out to all the foreign enemies of it?” Or rather, the question anyone who seriously wants to destroy US imperialism should ask themselves “Why does the “Left” in the White Nation oppose this?”
The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” of the Leading Liars likes to roleplay himself as leading the masses of the Third-World against the First-World. So why does the Patriotic Faggot “Commander” hate the biggest internal security threat to Amerika, while simultaneously attempting to smear the biggest enemies of that same government as being in league with these elements?

The answer should be obvious. The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” of the Leading Liars wants nothing to do with the destruction of Amerika. This is why the Patriotic Faggot “Commander” wants to liquidate the National Question in the North Amerikan context. To think about it leads one naturally to think about the Balkanization of Amerika. The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” wants none of this, going so far as to shit on the settler analysis of Sakai. The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” sees the First-World as one united whole, and the job is for the Leading Liars to organize the Third-World to confront this mass in toto. Doing this also means wanting to lead these same Third-World masses to overthrow their own governments, no matter how hostile they are to Amerika. The Patriotic Faggot “Commander” doesn’t actually have any vision how the people of the world should militarily confront the First-World. What the Patriotic Faggot “Commander” wants is to actually replicate social-fascist faggot worship inside the Third-World, to replicate the standard practice of White Nation “Left” cults, except with a more obedient population. Of course such a thing is impossible, and such a vision is only suitable for recruiting the extreme fringes of the White Nation “Left” to do CIA work in other countries.

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