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Formation of the White Nation

The greatest theoretical contribution of Joseph Stalin to Marxism was his precise and clear formulation of the National Question. Lenin called Stalin a “marvelous Georgian” for writing this article, and Trotsky would backhandedly compliment it by claiming Lenin ghostwrote the whole thing. The area of Georgia was then, and still is today, a place of many, many different nationalities all living side by side, a crossroads between Europe, Asia, and the ‘Middle East,’ so it is no wonder Lenin would want a Georgian to write an analysis of this issue.

In the context of North America, the Bolsheviks were always explicit about the existence of a Black Nation. The Comintern would expel Jay Lovestone from the America CP for refusing to support this thesis, which was passed in 1928 by the Comintern and which laid out the theoretical essentials of the issue.

What is often not stated explicitly by this thesis is the existence of the White Nation. Much like the historical formation of the Black Nation, which came together out of a bunch of different Africans who spoke different languages, so too did the White Nation. If anything, the historical differences between who is in the clubhouse in the White Nation and Black Nation has been the difference between exclusivity. Different European ethnic groups were excluded at different times, and often only begrudgingly accepted by the ‘white’ masses into the White Nation, where as the Black Nation has been more open and fluid in who is and is not a part of it.

Many books have been written on this integration process into the White Nation. Karen Brodkin has wrote How the Jews Became White Folks. Noel Ignatiev wrote How the Irish Became White. Jennifer Guglielmo has written Are Italians White? (guess what the people of New Orleans thought in 1890, when they directed one of the largest mass lynchings in American history toward Italians). Paul Mishler’s Raising Reds has an interesting discussion about the role the American Communist Party had in integrating various (mostly Eastern) European nationalities into the White Nation. Thomas Bell’s novel Out of This Furnace is a story about how it took three generations for a Hunky immigrant family to finally became ‘white.’

In a liberal spoof article, Pat Buchanan is made to say that after the re-election of Obama, “The great White nation will never survive another 4 years of Obama’s leadership.” Not realizing it was a spoof, I thought this was an interesting observation at the time, because there is almost never talk about the White Nation on the ‘Right’ (and certainly never on the Labor Aristocratic “Left,” who are even more obsessed with “race” ideology) only about a “white” “race” (and this was no exception, though I didn’t realize it at the time). The ideology of the masses of the White Nation has always tended to think of itself in terms of the race-construct, no matter how self-contradictory the notion is. One of the more curious examples of this self-contradiction in “race” ideology is that of Eric Thomson, who popularized the ZOG concept amongst self-proclaimed white nationalists in his essay Welcome to the ZOG-World. After railing against what he perceives as the Zionist Occupation Government ruling over the White Nation in America, Eric Thomson ends his essay with the bizarre slogan “Our race is our nation!”

One has to wonder if it never occurred to Eric Thomson that European Jews are just as lilly-white as he is. It certainly has occurred to the vast majority of the mainstream ‘Right’ in America. It also certainly has occurred to powerful Zionist leaders like Netanyahu, who lived in America for years, and certainly had many chances to talk to the masses of the White Nation while living in Pennsylvania. In fact, there is a similar issue in Israel today, as the dominant ‘ethnic’ group has always been the lilly-white Ashkenazi Jews. The Iraqi Jew Rachel Shabi wrote an excellent account of the discrimination faced by the Mizrahi Jews within Israel in her We Look Like the Enemy: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands. Another Iraqi Jew, Naeim Giladi, has written extensively on the discrimination of the Ashkenazi Jews toward everyone else in Israeli society. Even within the Zionist Entity known as Israel, “race” ideology trumps religious identity.

This is the fundamental contradiction of the American extreme ‘Right’. Back in 2006, the Southern Poverty Law Center wrote an article titled Schism over Anti-Semitism Divides Key White Nationalist Group, American Renaissance about this divide, without going into too much ideological detail. The Jewish White Supremacist Michael H. Hart got up and screamed at David Duke, calling him a “fucking Nazi” for suggesting that Jews rule America. David Duke, interestingly enough, has joined the Zionist-side of the debate over the Khazar theory, parroting arguments by extreme Zionists against the research of Israeli geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik, which has conclusively shown Ashkenazi Jews are related to the populations of Georgia, where the Khazar empire once stood. This fundamental contradiction that divides the American ‘Right’ into two inherently opposed camps was seen by MIM as a basis for agitating the masses of the White Nation. This contradiction is why MIM once said it would consider liquidating it’s communist work and making a bee-line straight toward Ron Paul.

On the “Left” in America, it is generally permissible to deconstruct the mass “race” ideology of the White Nation, such as Ted Allen does in his The Invention of the White Race, but this literature itself is also problematic. As Sakai points out in Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat, Ted Allen invents a narrative about early events in Euro-Settler history of America to paint a picture of “racial” harmony that never existed. Sakai picks apart Allen’s narrative about Bacon’s Rebellion, showing that far from this multi “racial” unity against governor Berkeley’s tyranny or whatever, Bacon’s Rebellion was actually a Euro-settler revolt in protest of the restricting of settler-expansion, which utilized slaves in the end in order to fight for the right to steal more native land. Theorists like Ted Allen only want to go halfway toward the deconstruction of ‘whiteness,’ without really explaining the true nature of the social-cohesion of the White Nation masses.

The film Birth of a Nation is closer to the truth. President Woodrow Wilson said of it that “It is like writing history with lightning.” While the concept of “whiteness” was invented in the early days of colonial America, the existence of the White Nation comes later in time. While the inherent contradiction in the “race” ideology of the masses of the White Nation makes it a fluid concept, to such an extent that the majority of the masses of the White Nation don’t even seem to stop and consider whether George Zimmerman was actually a ‘white’ guy or not, it did not cement into its final form until after the American Civil War. The Civil War and its aftermath would settle the dispute between Americans that were descendants of the original colonialists and the hordes of poor European immigrants flooding America’s shores seeking a lifestyle reminiscent of early American settlerism.

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