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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and Faggotry: Achilles Heel of Western "Maoism."

As I have stated elsewhere on this blog, acceptance of faggotry is absolutely required on the Amerikan "Left," whether within the mainstream "Left" or on the fringes of it. Even groups which allegedly don't take a pro-faggot line, such as the Ray O. Light group, are not open about their views on homosexuality. My guess is some old people in control of the ROL group don't want to change the line on this question, while any younger people they recruit probably do, and they would just rather not talk about it than struggle on the question, possibly splitting their already tiny party in the process.

For those interested in the history of the communist movement's attitude towards faggots, it should be noted that it has always universally been negative. Engels was especially visceral in his opposition to faggotry. The German group Neue-Einheit has a webpage titled Unequivocal statements by Friedrich Engels which compiles all the remarks Engels made on the subject. Of particular interest to anyone interested in the theory of the Labor Aristocracy (and the Labor Bureaucracy) are Engels' remarks about the faggot Hasselmann. Basically what we have here is an instance of homosexuals becoming the leaders of the early German Labor Bureaucracy, and being extreme opponents of Marx and Engels. This episode in the radical careers of Marx and Engels should have special importance to anyone who might want to critically review Miriam Frank's Out in the Union: A Labor History of Queer America to figure out exactly when the Amerikan Labor Aristocracy embraced faggotry wholeheartedly.

While Marx and Engels are clearly opposed to faggotry, with Engels explicitly associating it with pedophilia in his most important independent work (Origins of the Family), the Bolshevik attitude is less clear. Many people bring up the decriminalization of homosexuality and the removal of age of consent laws in 1922 as evidence of the Bolsheviks' "progressive" attitude towards kiddy-rape and faggotry. While age of consent laws were abolished in 1922 and homosexuality decriminalized, this was the work of a small committee of individuals. When the "Left" Socialist-Revolutionaries pulled out of the Justice Commissariat in protest of Brest-Litovsk, the drafting of the new code went primarily to a handful of Bolsheviks who had taken over the Justice Commissariat and the Institute of Soviet Law. Most of these people were also heavily involved in the 1919 trial of pedophile-priest Bishop Palladii, which itself is a testament to how Bolshevism viewed men and boys fucking. The original documents under review, written by Kozlovskii, actually did have references to age of consent and kiddy-rape. Exactly why they were removed remains obscure.

There is certainly nothing in anything Lenin wrote that would lead one to the conclusion that the Bolsheviks were pro-faggot. In fact, the opposite is the case. The German communist Clara Zetkin wrote down Lenin's remarks on various topics relating to women and sex, which seem to backhandedly speak of homosexuality. To quote the relevant parts:

It seems to me that this superabundance of sex theories, which for the most part are mere hypotheses, and often quite arbitrary ones, stems from a personal need. It springs from the desire to justify one’s own abnormal or excessive sex life before bourgeois morality and to plead for tolerance towards oneself. This veiled respect for bourgeois morality is as repugnant to me as rooting about in all that bears on sex. No matter how rebellious and revolutionary it may be made to appear, it is in the final analysis thoroughly bourgeois. Intellectuals and others like them are particularly keen on this. There is no room for it in the Party, among the class-conscious, fighting proletariat.”

While faggots are not mentioned specifically, one would have to go through mental gymnastics to conclude that Lenin doesn't have in mind faggots, along with other sexual degenerates. And just as Lenin predicted the total parasitism of Western Europe, he has basically outlined how the pro-faggot movement won acceptance from the imperialist bourgeoisie of the West; they used a 'sex theory' to win acceptance from bourgeoisie society, namely the lie that people are born faggots. Probably most importantly, Lenin said this shit should not be allowed into the party. While not a blanket ban on homosexuals entering the party, it is a ban on the ideas spread by homosexuals into a revolutionary party. Lenin doesn't want to let people into the revolutionary Party that is supposed to represent the working class that would split it based on their ideas about faggots, which for all practical purposes today, would be a ban on faggots and their enablers into the Party.

Not much needs to be said about the attitude of the Bolsheviks under Stalin. Faggotry was re-criminalized in the USSR, and would remain so until 1991. The Bolsheviks would go as far as equating homosexuality with Nazism and fascism itself, an idea picked up later in The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams. Even during the period of decriminalization of homosexuality, it was still seen as a mental illness that needed to be cured. The modern idea that people are born with faggot-DNA never crossed the minds of the Marx, Engels, Lenin or Stalin. They all clearly viewed it as an extreme form of degeneracy, linked with the bourgeoisie and fascism itself.

That's four out of the five heads. What about Mao?

This issue has been on my mind as of late primarily because First-World "Maoists" are some of the worst boosters of US imperialism in the world today. First-World "Maoists" have latched on to lines spewing from Beijing about "Soviet Social-Imperialism" to justify all sorts of phrase-mongering chicanery in the service of their imperialist masters. MIM had been exposing these liars for decades, but few today are willing to follow in MIM's footsteps in ruthlessly criticizing First-World "Maoism."

It is well known the RCP=CIA used to have an anti-faggot line, one they seemed to try to keep a lid on, just like the Ray O. Light group allegedly does today (and probably for similar reasons). MIM used to attack them for this, but never seemed to develop any sort of detailed, coherent critique based on this. For all their great theoretical insight, MIM never seemed to want to tackle this question in any great detail, and I have an idea why.

If you type in words like "homosexuality mao cultural revolution" into a search engine, you will get many, many results talking about the persecution of homosexuals during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Mao himself is said to have viewed homosexuality as the "mouldering lifestyle of capitalism" and homosexuals are said to have been more persecuted during the GPCR than at any time during all of China's history. There are tales of the Red Guards publicly castrating homosexuals during this period. People suspected of engaging in homosexual acts are said to have been rounded up and put in camps.

As with anything about the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, the evidence is scanty. Most of these claims either have no sources at all, or their sources don't really have any sources either. There is probably better direct evidence for the persecution of homosexuals under the GPCR available in the Chinese language, and will have to wait until someone is willing to translate them (such as Li Yinhe's "History of Chinese Homosexuality"), but on the flip side, no one has seriously tried to deny these claims either. Which brings me to my next point...

Given that all First-World "Maoists" groups will claim that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was the greatest revolutionary advance in history (or some such garbage), and given that nearly all First-World radiKKKalism requires the acceptance of faggotry, we have an interesting contradiction on our hands. At this point, it seems to me First-World "Maoists" would simply dismiss the issue out of hand, because primary sources are lacking. This will eventually change, and people will see that it is undoubtedly true that faggots were persecuted under the GPCR, and that the CPC has never viewed faggots in anything but a negative light. This opens up the possibly of splitting First-World "Maoism" into two camps: those who, like MIM, refuse to give up the GPCR as symbolizing the greatest revolutionary advance ever, and those who love faggots more than the GPCR as a symbol. More importantly, it opens up the possibility of splitting Third-World Maoists who still adhere to all this dogmatic nonsense from the First-World "Maoists" who won't step away from faggot-worship.

And for those willing to listen, it is also an opportunity to spread the queer-theoretical attacks on homo-nationalism and the homosexual identity that can be found in the works of people like Joseph Massad and Jasbir Puar. This is important for getting people to realize First-World faggots are not only just as parasitic as their straight counterparts, but that imperialism will increasingly rely on faggotry as a rallying call for First-World radiKKKalism to get behind imperialist military campaigns. And the sooner the Third-World realizes that the imperialists and the faggots are joined at the hip, the better off the Third-World will be.

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