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First-World "Maoism" is Social-Fascism: Against JMP

JMP, author of the MLM-Mayhem blog and known member of the PRC-RCP, has written a post where he tries to stake an imaginary “Third-Way” position between what he calls “Tankyism” and “Anti-Tankyism.” Before I get into a full response, I want to take a few moments to talk about something that isn’t discussed very often.

In an attack on Bob Avakian, MIM had suggested to its readers that Avakian was more willing to accept Canadians as a separate nation than he was black people. Ever since engaging with Canadian “Maoists” online, including some of the better ones like Jason Unruhe, I’ve noticed there is always a distinct tendency for them to identify as separate from Amerikans. I am reminded of a racist joke in the South, that goes something like “What is the difference between a nigger in Georgia and a nigger in Florida? The state-line.” It has been my thinking for awhile now that a joke like this could be made about the Euro-Settlers in Klanada and Amerika. The reality is that the White Nation in North Amerika is ruled by two different governments. The imaginary line on a map separating Amerika and Klanada has no real meaning, especially since Klanadians mostly consume the same Zionist Hollywood shit as part of their collective cultural experience. The identity separating Klanadians and Amerikans amounts to little more than the differences between people that identify with individual states in America.

It should come as no surprise that JMP never touches on this theoretical issue, as the PRC-RCP is particularly disgusting in their opportunism on the National Question in the Klanadian context. The  political elephant in the room in Klanada, ever since the October Crisis, when the Marxist-Leninist organization Front de libération du Québec caused much ruckus in Klanadian politics by doing awesome things like bombing the Montreal Stock Exchange and trying to kidnap Zionist diplomats, has always been that Quebec is a separate nation of people. The PRC-RCP does not support this, even though they like to talk a big game about “Protracted People’s War,” no doubt to recruit young Klanadian social-fascist faggot-worshippers impressed by such rhetoric. Anyone familiar with the recruitment strategies of the far “Left” of the White Nation should see this game for what it is. If JMP and the rest of the White Nation “Left” faggot-worshippers wanted to get “Protracted People’s War” going, they would just immediately liquidate their idiotic organization and join with the Quebec Nationalists. Rather, the PRC-RCP was founded by Labor Aristocratic Quebec people to steer the self-determination of the Quebec Nation back into the embrace of the northern government of the White Nation.

Pretending the PRC-RCP is simply deluded on this issue, rather than conscious charlatans working as agents of the northern government of the White Nation, leads to a type of thinking that Lenin once heavily criticized at the Second Congress of the Communist International. In it, Lenin attacks the Italian communist Serrati, on the question of the “sincerity” of people who oppose the line of Bolshevism.

Comrades, Serrati has said that we have not yet invented a sincerometer—meaning by this French neologism an instrument for measuring sincerity. No such instrument has been invented yet. We have no need of one. But we do already have an instrument for defining trends. Comrade Serrati’s error, which I shall deal with later, consists in his having failed to use this instrument, which has been known for a long time.
“We are leaders elected by the masses, “ Comrade Crispien continues. This is a formal and erroneous point of view, since a struggle of trends was clearly to be seen at the latest Party congress of the German Independents. There is no need to seek for a sincerometer and to wax humorous on the subject, as Comrade Serrati does, in order to establish the simple fact that a struggle of trends must and does exist: one trend is that of the revolutionary workers who have just joined us and are opposed to the labour aristocracy; the other is that of the labour aristocracy, which in all civilised countries is headed by the old leaders. Does Crispien belong to the trend of the old leaders and the labour aristocracy, or to that of the new revolutionary masses of workers, who are opposed to the labour aristocracy? That is a question Comrade Crispien has failed to clarify.

JMP’s entire essay treats what he even calls “cruise missile socialism” as some sort of sincerely mistaken view. To JMP, “Anti-Tankyism” isn’t the ideology of a conscious set of First-World imperialist parasites fighting for the leadership of Oppressor Nation “workers,” they are potential recruits. In fact, the whole essay is one long attempt to recruit “Anti-Tankies” who are just too obviously imperialist agents of the White Nation Labor Aristocracy, to a much more refined Social-Fascist ideology, as espoused by various First-World “Maoist” organizations, like the PRC-RCP. With all this in mind, now I will review his post.

To JMP, it is “tankyism” for socialist countries to defend themselves from internal and external enemies. JMP makes this clear when he writes:

“What we end up, particularly in online debates about international politics amongst marxists, is a polarized discussion where one side endorses one type of tankyism (i.e. the right of supposed socialist states to role out the tanks and military suppression to protect their socialism, or the ghost of socialism)”

Perhaps JMP would like to take this idea back to the Russian Revolution itself. Was it “Tankyism” when the Bolsheviks organized people to hunt down and kill Mensheviks? Maybe JMP should read Trotsky’s Terrorism and Communism, particularly this passage:

But Kautsky goes further to develop his theme. He complains that we suppress the newspapers of the SRs and the Mensheviks, and even – such things have been known – arrest their leaders. Are we not dealing here with “shades of opinion” in the proletarian or the Socialist movement? The scholastic pedant does not see facts beyond his accustomed words. The Mensheviks and SRs for him are simply tendencies in Socialism, whereas, in the course of the revolution, they have been transformed into an organization which works in active co-operation with the counter-revolution and carries on against us an open war. The army of Kolchak was organized by Socialist Revolutionaries (how that name savours to-day of the charlatan!), and was supported by Mensheviks. Both carried on – and carry on – against us, for a year and a half, a war on the Northern front. The Mensheviks who rule the Caucasus, formerly the allies of Hohenzollern, and to-day the allies of Lloyd George, arrested and shot Bolsheviks hand in hand with German and British officers. The Mensheviks and S.R.s of the Kuban Rada organized the army of Denikin. The Esthonian Mensheviks who participate in their government were directly concerned in the last advance of Yudenich against Petrograd. Such are these “tendencies” in the Socialist movement. Kautsky considers that one can be in a state of open and civil war with the Mensheviks and SRs, who, with the help of the troops they themselves have organized for Yudenich, Kolchak and Denikin, are fighting for their “shade of opinions” in Socialism, and at the same time to allow those innocent “shades of opinion” freedom of the Press in our rear. If the dispute with the SRs and the Mensheviks could be settled by means of persuasion and voting – that is, if there were not behind their backs the Russian and foreign imperialists – there would be no civil war.

This is how the Russian Revolution and it’s ensuing Civil War played out. One section of Russian Social-Democracy organizing the murder of another section. Is JMP not familiar with this? What does he imagine will happen in Amerika and Klanada, if revolution is to ever come here? Does he not think one section of people calling themselves “Marxists” within the White Nation Labor Aristocracy will be organizing the murder of another? The “Anti-Tanky” people he is trying to recruit to his brand of First-World “Maoist” Social-Fascist bullshittery are certainly capable of doing everything in their power to get people to go along with the imperialist mass-murder of other nations. What makes him think “Anti-Tankies” won’t organize to murder and terrorize their domestic opponents, as the bourgeoisie leans more and more on them as revolution approaches?

More to the point, what makes JMP think “Tankies” won’t organize the murder of these people in return? In the case of any Quebec Nationalists seeking the self-determination of their Nation outside of the northern government of the White Nation, I would personally advise them to hunt down and kill people in the PRC-RCP. A little investigation by any such people would quickly reveal that the people who formed the PRC-RCP are members of the imperialist Klanadian Labor Aristocracy, and are acting on behalf of the interests of the northern government of the White Nation, and not in the interests of the Quebec masses. One only has to look at the wishy-washy bullshit these people put out about Syria to understand this. It would be not only the duty of a Quebec Patriot to kill these “Left” agents of the northern government of the White Nation on behalf of his own people, such a Quebec Patriot would be acting in the interests of the entire international working classes of all Nations in doing so. It would simultaneously be a profound act toward the self-determination of the Quebec Nation, and a blow to imperialism that would be felt for decades.

Next, JMP likes to make up what the “Tanky” narrative is in regards to the DPRK:

“The tanky narrative, then, overcodes the reality of the DPRK, producing a very unscientific binary: either you’re a tanky who supports the DPRK unconditionally as a socialist paradise”

Despite the fact that the economy of the DPRK is the closest thing left on Earth to how the economy was structured in the USSR under Stalin, the pro-DPRK “Tanky” narrative isn’t that the DPRK is a “socialist paradise.” Only First-World social-fascist faggot-worshippers are interested in what is or is not a “socialist paradise.” The reality is that if revolution ever came to Klanada or Amerika, it would be an absolute nightmare for the vast majority of people. Their living standards would drop enormously, as their lifestyles would begin to reach an equilibrium with the rest of the planet. The ensuing Civil War would kill millions and millions of people, and would almost certainly lead to the creation of the Nation-States of Quebec, the New Republic of Africa, Aztlan, etc . And this is precisely what every genuine anti-imperialist wants to bring to Amerika and Klanada. Anyone who is telling anyone anything different is not only a liar, but will no doubt be the very people organizing the murder of the real revolutionaries. They will be the Mensheviks of North Amerika.

The DPRK is not a “socialist paradise.” Is it the embodiment of the will of a people to resist their own conquest by the Oppressor White Nation. It should be the natural and total embodiment of the will of a people to fight the White Oppressor Nation. If the resolve of the people of the New Republic of Africa, of Aztlan, of the Quebec Nation, etc, were equal to that of the absolutely heroic people of the DPRK, Amerika and Klanada would cease to exist as imperialist powers. The DPRK isn’t hated by worthless White Nation “Leftists” for any other reason. The Workers Party of Korea has resisted the will of the White Oppressor Nation as only a few others have. This is why the “Anti-Tanky” modern day Mensheviks hate it so much. It is because they are conscious White Nationalist servants of the imperialist Labor Aristocracy.

JMP announces his essential ideological unity with “Anti-Tankyism” in the next paragaph:

“Let’s be clear: I don’t think the DPRK is anything more than a revisionist socialism overdetermined by the siege mentality of isolation.  I think any socialist state that determines its leadership through some semi-feudal notion of patrilineal inheritance has serious problems; I agree with the assessment made by the CPC, when it was still a socialist country, that the DPRK was thoroughly revisionist.”

What JMP is trying to tell his potential “Anti-Tanky” recruits is that if they adopt the Ortho-Maoist line, they will stand on much better grounds to take a shit on the DPRK with. However, anyone who has seriously studied the foreign policy of Maoist China knows it became completely and utterly chauvinist. Ortho-Maoists will tie themselves into ideological knots trying to justify Maoist China’s support of Pakistan’s genocidal war on the Bengali Nation. The Bangladesh Liberation War is the Achilles Heel of Ortho-Maoist stupidity. It at once exposes the fact that the National Question never once even entered into the political calculus of Mao’s China when dealing with the rest of the world. China’s recognition of Pincohet was the turning point for the Cubans and most of Latin America, besides the CIA nihilist-guerrillas known as Sendero Luminoso. Most of the less-stupid Ortho-Maoists try to pin-point the ‘degeneration’ of Mao’s China to before the 9th National Congress, but this is mostly an exercise in stupidity. The truth of the matter is that the only imperialist country to ever have a proper communist revolution was Russia, and the struggle of Oppressor Nation Marxist-Leninists is completely different than what goes on in Oppressed Nations. In Oppressor Nations, there is a large “Left” Labor Aristocracy that has to be waged war against. In the Oppressed Nations, it takes much less convincing to get the majority on board with your program. You simply point the finger at who is working for the foreigners. There was no massive Labor Aristocracy Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Minh, Castro, etc, had to fight for leadership of the working class. Imperialists Oppressor Nations don’t usually support massive Labor Aristocracies in the nations they occupy (the Republic of Korea being a notable exception). That completely defeats the purpose of extracting imperialist super-profits. They instead rely on compradors, most of whom identify more with their masters than they do their own people, historically because they became converts to Christianity. In the case of China, their experience at keeping China together for them to stand up to the imperialists is completely different than what is needed in most countries. The only country who should attempt to follow the Chinese model is India, yet the “Maoists” in India, mostly Bengali-speaking fools who didn’t even support their own people’s National Liberation War against Pakistan,  don’t act or think anything like Chinese Communists did. Yet First-World “Maoists” love them!

JMP goes on to compare defending the right of Koreans to self-determination to other things he and the “Anti-Tanky” First-World social-fascist faggot-worshippers don’t like:

“Even still, it is also bizarre to me that there are people who will go out of their way to defend the DPRK as a socialist state on par with pre-Deng China or pre-Khrushchev Russia.  It is equally weird that some of these same people justified the rolling out of the tanks in Tiananman Square (as if these tanks were protecting “socialism”), or the rolling out of the tanks in Afghanistan to protect the puppet PDPA government in the 1980s”

It never occurs to morons like JMP the project of the Chinese Communists had more to do with holding Chinese people together than building the socialist-faggot-paradise that First-Worlders want. So naturally, JMP jumps in bed with the rest of the political-class of US imperialists in condemning the crackdown of a “movement” that worshipped White Nation “democracy.” JMP also has a thing for a tiny group of nobodies in Afghanistan, who can’t even be bothered to comment on the situation in Syria, least they expose themselves as nothing more than UNITA-style CIA assets.

JMP next hints to his potential “Anti-Tanky” recruits how they should begin phrasing the issue:

“While it is true that it is not an authentic anti-imperialist position to support the nascent imperialisms of Russia or China over US imperialism”

JMP, while often pretending to have affinities with Third-Worldist political economy and its calculation of the surplus-value extracted by the Oppressor Nations of the world, doesn’t actually believe any of it. Like the Labor Aristocracy Deniers within the imperialist White Nation Labor Apparatus, he can not tell you who is and who is not an exploiter within the First-World. JMP can offer no calculation of how much surplus value the imperialist populations of Amerika and Klanada are extracting from the Third-World, so why should anyone take anything people like JMP say about Russian and Chinese “imperialism” seriously? Do Russia and China have gigantic Labor Aristocracies who depend on imperialism for their way of life? Can JMP and the other Ortho-Maoist faggot-worshippers tell you how much surplus-value Russia and China are extracting from other nations around the world, when they can’t even tell you how much surplus-value the White Nation Labor Aristocracy is consuming? I personally welcome the day when those who have a serious understanding of the nature of Unequal Exchange enter the debate on Russian and Chinese “imperialism.” The truth of the matter is that the Oppressor Nations of the world exchange commodities with each other at roughly equal rates of Purchasing Power Parity, while the Oppressed Nations exchange commodities that are undervalued with the Oppressor Nations. Russia and China are working hard to break up this relationship, which will free the world from the currency-regime of the Western imperialist countries. Far from being “imperialist,” Russia and China are threatening to kill the imperialist system completely. This is the real reason why “Anti-Tankies” and other First-World social-fascist faggot-worshippers hate Russia and China with a passion.

JMP blows a dog-whistle for his liberal faggot readers:

“Interesting tangental point here: did you know that there are right wing US christians who are asking for political asylum in Russia because of their homophobia?”

That’s quite hilarious, if true. Of course, any serious Queer Theorist, like Jasbin Puar, has long recognized that Homo-Nationalism is linked at the hip with the Western imperialist liberal nation-state. When the bombs were failing down on Libya, “socialist” faggot-worshippers spread the remarks of Gaddafi about homosexuals and AIDS as wide as they could. This is because the “socialist-paradise” imagined by imperialist parasite First-World socialist-faggots is a land where all sorts of sexual perversions, including pedophilia, are celebrated. The imperialists are trying hard to turn Amerika into exactly this, because they rely on their “Left” Labor Aristocracy to maintain their rule. So it’s no wonder that JMP would bring something ridiculous like this up, because JMP cares more about the feelings of First-World faggots than the people actually resisting US imperialism.

The rest of JMP’s bullshit revolves around trying to pin Kautsky’s “super imperialism” onto the “Tankies.” One only needs to read Lenin’s Imperialism and the Split in Socialism to understand how idiotic this is. Lenin predicted the world we actually live in today. The people of Western Europe and Amerika (and a few other nations) live on the backs of the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America. There isn’t merely a tiny imperialist class sucking super-profit out of the Third-World for themselves. Millions and millions, if not the vast majority of the people in the Oppressor Nations, depend on this as a way of life. Lenin said the only solution was to go down lower and deeper, to the real masses. The real masses are in places like the DPRK. Just as the vast majority of Euro-Settler Israelis support the genocidal policies of their state, just as most Amerikans support war abroad, so too do the masses of people of Korea hate Amerika, both in the North and in the Occupied South. They are not people blind to their own objective interests and national aspirations to self-determination, just as the parasites of Israel and the White Nation are not blind to their own objective interests. This is the truth the “Anti-Tankies” JMP seeks to recruit desperately want to obscure with a mountain of lies. And that is why the people of the whole world will rise up and kill them one day.

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